Ellena a SugarMummy in Nairobi Kilimani

It is a warm day for dating and am much aware of everything here, have been following this site for over 3months. Am convinced am in the right place as you.

Hi Auntie, am Ellena in Nairobi City, Kilimani to be precisely. I want Sugar-Boy someone healthily, btwn 21-35 years who’s ready for everything. Am God fearing person looking for a partner I can live with.

For hookup kindly Text or WhatsApp Admin Naomi on 0724113121

Hookup fee is only 550

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  1. l am ready for you and energetic enough my whatsap number is 0768819894

  2. Oh my God ,God as sent me un Angel lovely mummy am a Ugandan I star in Kampala , I will be great ful to meet you a blessed Angel . This is my nu, 0776 05 96 22.

  3. WHITE ANGEL ,Body Brown this is TOM saying high to you. Mummy say something , hello my blessed angel I wish you peace.

  4. Suger mumm I humbly beg you be my queen. I wish you allow me to sit on your right hand side it could be good for me, simply because your un Angel stay lovely.

  5. Mummy say something ,dear’Angel put me on your right hand side and am having a lot of love 4 you.

  6. Dear Angel sincerely speaking your shanning like bright light morning star , 4 real your really really too beautful & also.

  7. Ever good things are not easy to get meaning ,your very far way from me,very beautful lady, she body brown , she also humble
    & lovely . My dear I Love you too, God as provided to us a nice creature.

  8. My dear. ANGEL. I really really love you. Sometimes I don’t sleep I spend the all night thinking of you. My warry is your too sensible, hello the choozen one reply me ,may be I can feel free . Mumm remember your the best creature I have ever seen & your in my minds since I begun dating with you.

  9. A beautful Angel God sent you to make human happy darling take me were you belong,I really love you ( your really a beautful creature & respectively.

  10. High Ellena say something ,some pple say patience pays ,but it as made me worried.

  11. My dear with God every thing can be possible & I will continue praying harder ,may be I can get a chance so that I can be choozen by Angel.

  12. Your beauty has put my life in difficult situation althe time waiting for reply but no way.dear lovely see that situation were am living in.

  13. Dear,ELLENA.
    I hope your feeling well. It’s ok ,am telling you this my joy may be in you and that your joy may be ,

    complete. Someone who respect GOD must do this (John.15:12) am like a lost sheep which cannot 4get. (John.15 :9).

  14. Hey ,
    Ellena your putting your nice smalling face looking at pple who cries 4your beauty is I ( John.15:9 ) it’s me who do this, ( John .15:16 ).

  15. I demay your beaut or your
    appearance it’s really nice good looking and presentable thank.

  16. Beautful women are not easy to find.

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