Portrait of Ann, a 35-year-old businesswoman from Eldoret, Kenya, looking for a meaningful relationship
Ann, a dynamic businesswoman based in Eldoret, Kenya, is ready to embrace love once more. Her zest for life, love of travel, and adventurous spirit make her an exciting partner for the next chapter of life's journey

Ann: Adventurous Businesswoman Seeking Faithful Partner in Eldoret, Kenya

Name: Ann

Age: 35

Location: Eldoret, Kenya

Occupation: Businesswoman

About Me: Hello! I’m Ann, a 35-year-old businesswoman based in the scenic town of Eldoret, Kenya. After a few years of focusing on my career and personal growth, I’m now excited to open my heart to the possibility of a new relationship.

Lifestyle: I lead an active and fulfilling life, with a passion for travel, hiking, and the occasional thrill of a casino night. Exploring new places and enjoying the beauty of nature is something that truly invigorates me.

Family: While I don’t have children of my own, I believe in the power of love and the potential for a beautiful future with the right partner.

Values: Faith and a clean lifestyle are important to me. I’m a devoted Christian and I value a partner who shares similar beliefs. I also lead a drug-free life and hope to find someone who embraces a similar mindset.

Previous Relationships: I went through a divorce six years ago, which was a significant turning point in my life. Since then, I’ve worked on personal growth and healing, and now I’m ready to embrace the possibility of love once more.

What I’m Looking For: I’m seeking a genuine, kind-hearted man who shares my values and is ready to embark on this journey of companionship and love. If you appreciate faith, enjoy exploring the world, and are committed to a drug-free lifestyle, then we might just be a perfect match.

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